#45: Fishing The Good Fight with Jennings Hester

Mental health is not a destination, it’s a journey. You know, it’s continuous work.

#14 Sarah Quinlan: Conservative Feminism and why that shouldn’t scare you

Welcome everyone to another episode of the It Matters To Me Podcast! When I say “conservative”, what comes to mind? How about “feminism”? How about when I combine the two to describe someone? If you thought that’d be impossible then you haven’t heard of my guest today, Sarah Quinlan. As a writer and someone whoContinue reading “#14 Sarah Quinlan: Conservative Feminism and why that shouldn’t scare you”

#11 Justin Nozuka: Musician and poet extraordinaire

From his first album titled, Holly, to his latest release “then, now, & again”, Justin has made some of the most passionate and heartfelt music that’s rightfully earned him spots on David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel as well as multiple awards.

#10 David Laney: Professional ultra-runner and founding coach of Trails and Tarmac

This isn’t an episode about proper nutrition or training blocks before a race and you won’t hear us say the word ‘bonk’ even one time but instead, you’ll get a taste of just how much joy something as simple as running can bring to a person.

#9 Nicky Dallek: Putting the logic back in politics

Given how divisive and tribal politics has become lately, we keep things on the positive side with Nicky explaining why the mission of Denver Young Democrats is so important and how they’re focused on making sure the young voters they attract are well informed before casting any ballots.

#8 Sarah Schlafly: Living Mighty with cricket protein

Did you know that in 2018, the average American ate roughly 200lbs of meat and that conventional beef usually requires 65 square feet of land per quarter pound to raise cattle alone? No doubt there is serious concern over food security as the effects of climate change become more and more real.  Enter my guestContinue reading “#8 Sarah Schlafly: Living Mighty with cricket protein”

#7 Matt Blank: The psychology of BASE jumping

Have you ever wondered what would compel a human being to not only jump out of an airplane but to take it one step further and throw themselves off an inanimate object like a building or cliff with a parachute strapped on? First, we get into how Matt grew up in Southern California and afterContinue reading “#7 Matt Blank: The psychology of BASE jumping”

#6 Kofi Andoh: Using cooking to connect with others

What do you get when you combine a professional engineer who has a passion for cooking and is one of the most sincerely kindest, best human beings on the planet? Kofi Andoh. Going back years and years, Kofi is one of my closest and most admired friends. Never has the term ‘renaissance man’ ever beenContinue reading “#6 Kofi Andoh: Using cooking to connect with others”

#5 Jessica Do: The entrepreneurial spirit to provide world class coffee

For so many of us, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. It can be that precious ‘me-time’ we rarely get to have to ourselves before we start our day as well as being what helps us push through some long hours on the job. And with the current wave of particular coffee tastes growing, how you make that coffee is becoming more and more personalized.

#4 Brian Daigneault: The not-so-lost art of carpentry

ock or some type of boxcar derby racer out of balsa wood and after that never touched a power tool again. In today’s world of online shopping with overnight delivery, why even bother learning how to make something yourself when you can have it shipped to your door?