#9 Nicky Dallek: Putting the logic back in politics

My guest today is Nicky Dallek, President of the Denver Young Democrats organization here in, you guessed it, Denver,

They serve to amplify the voices of its members who are pushing for progressive policy change both at the state and federal level

Getting her start in politics at a very young age, Nicky and I start things out by reminiscing on some great memories she had growing up when it came to voting.

We then talk about how after those early years, Nicky developed a passion for teaching that led her to become a Special Education teacher and subsequently getting involved in local government because of it.

Given how divisive and tribal politics has become lately, we keep things on the positive side with Nicky explaining why the mission of Denver Young Democrats is so important and how they’re focused on making sure the young voters they attract are well informed before casting any ballots.

There are some great, tough questions in this one that get to at the heart of how government influences all of our lives whether we realize it or not.

And as much as we all want to sometimes ignore the topic of politics whenever it comes up, it’s important to not turn a blind eye to it and that we do in fact find ways to engage with others from all walks of life.

This is ½ of a 2-part series I’m putting together and will be talking with someone from the more conservative side of things next.

Even if you find politics boring this is just a sincerely wonderful conversation with Nicky that shows the human side of such a contentious topic that I know you’ll enjoy. So let’s get to it, here’s my interview with Nicky Dallek.

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