#8 Sarah Schlafly: Living Mighty with cricket protein

Did you know that in 2018, the average American ate roughly 200lbs of meat and that conventional beef usually requires 65 square feet of land per quarter pound to raise cattle alone? No doubt there is serious concern over food security as the effects of climate change become more and more real. 

Enter my guest in this episode, Sarah Schlafly, and St. Louis based company she founded to hopefully be a solution to this dilemma. Mighty Cricket provides clean and sustainable alternative protein in the form of, yes, crickets. 

Sarah and I talk about how her background in helping low-income families plan their grocery budgets to thinking of the future her own daughter would inherit one day inspired her to start a business that not only was financially successful but also environmentally conscious and responsible. 

We of course explore just what it was about crickets as a food source that caught her attention and also get into some of the challenges that 2020 brought with major disruptions to Mighty Cricket’s global supply chain. 

All around this is just a fun conversation with someone who clearly has a winning idea and is doing our hometown of St. Louis proud. This one will hopefully leave you inspired to live mighty and have an impact with whatever it is you’re doing.

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