#23 Dr. Keith Cradle (PhD): Founder of ‘Camping With Cradle’

“That is the crux of being a human being, that we see each other in a way that we recognize where some folks have and some folks have not and how can I get the things they don’t have to them to give them an opportunity.”

#18 Eric Morris: The N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman increasing minority participation in hunting

Eric is also a 3-time combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He uses the lessons he learned from that part of his life both on a hunt and growing his brand that aims to increase diversity in the sport of hunting

#17 Carlee Koutnik: Deputy Director of Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation, and wildlife management. The agency manages 41​ state parks, more than 350 state wildlife areas, and a host of recreational programs. Reaping the benefits of their work as much as I do, I thought it’d make for a great episode to talk to someone from CPW and I was absolutely right!