#14 Sarah Quinlan: Conservative Feminism and why that shouldn’t scare you

Welcome everyone to another episode of the It Matters To Me Podcast!

When I say “conservative”, what comes to mind? How about “feminism”?

How about when I combine the two to describe someone?

If you thought that’d be impossible then you haven’t heard of my guest today, Sarah Quinlan.

As a writer and someone who is outspoken about her conservative beliefs, Sarah has caught national attention for some of her work that’s been published at National Review, the Bulwark, and even USA TODAY.

In our talk, Sarah passionately articulates how she’s come to hold the beliefs she has today as well as offering a new twist on some age-old debates that very honestly have given me some new perspective.

This is the second half of my 2-part political mini-series that I wanted to use to combat the “otherism” playing out in our national and local politics.

Sarah does an absolutely amazing job bringing a very personable voice to the conservative side of this and I can’t thank her enough for coming on the show.

Whether you’re left-leaning, staunchly right, or a libertarian like me, I really think you’ll walk away from this one with a deeper appreciation for some of the arguments she makes and hopefully realize that not every person fits neatly into some arbitrary political category we’ve somehow allowed to define us.

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