#45: Fishing The Good Fight with Jennings Hester

“Mental health is not a destination, it’s a journey. You know, it’s continuous work.”

Welcome to the It Matters To Me Podcast, where we delve into the passions that drive us and the motivations behind them. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Jennings Hester, founder of Fishing The Good Fight. This non-profit organization helps men in Colorado combat depression, anxiety, and substance abuse through the simple and calming act of fly-fishing.

Jennings’ story is a familiar one for many men his age. After a successful football career at the University of Alabama was cut short, he found himself grappling with feelings of uncertainty and struggle. Like many men, he felt that he had to keep these feelings to himself, due to the stigma surrounding masculinity and mental health. But after seeing the harmful impact his struggles were having on himself and those around him, he decided to seek help.

It was through this process that Jennings discovered the positive effects of spending time outdoors, which ultimately led to the creation of Fishing The Good Fight. He found the inspiration for the organization through a serendipitous birthday gift, and since then, has dedicated himself to helping others in similar situations.

I had the privilege of meeting Jennings just a few weeks ago, and I was immediately struck by his authenticity and the deeply personal nature of his mission. As I become more comfortable talking about my own struggles with depression and loneliness, this conversation was particularly meaningful to me. The work that Jennings and the rest of the board are doing at Fishing The Good Fight is truly amazing, and I encourage everyone to check out their cause and support their efforts.

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