#10 David Laney: Professional ultra-runner and founding coach of Trails and Tarmac

My guest today is David Laney, professional ultra-runner extraordinaire, coach and founder of Trails and Tarmac, and the unequivocal definition of a “good dude”.

Growing up in Oregon and getting his start in running at an early age, David has grown up to be one of the best and most recognized long-distance trail runners on the scene today.

From some of the common misconceptions about trail running to how he got his first taste of the sport on an epic Rim-To-Rim-To-Rim adventure, David covers a broad range of all things running-related.

We also get into some of the emotional and mental corners of running that so many people face whether professional or amateur.

This isn’t an episode about proper nutrition or training blocks before a race and you won’t hear us say the word ‘bonk’ even one time but instead, you’ll get a taste of just how much joy something as simple as running can bring to a person.

I can’t wait for you to sink into this episode where I don’t even try to hide my excitement.

And now here’s my interview with David Laney.

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