#50: Go Adventure with Jeff Pelletier

“That’s really become my focus, that’s what I like to think of my niche, my differentiator on Youtube is I’m taking viewers to places they maybe forget having been but maybe never would’ve thought of going to.”

#48: Keeping Hardrock with Dale Garland

“Some of the most meaningful… some of the most emotional things I’ve experienced as an RD [Hardrock Run Director] has been standing at the finish line and what kissing that rock means to people.”

#20 Anthony & Tara Clary: Founders of #WEOFFTHECOUCH run group that is reshaping their community

With over 80 people sometimes coming to a single meeting, #WEOFFTHECOUCH has become very well known for being a place where people from all different backgrounds and different levels of fitness can meet.

#10 David Laney: Professional ultra-runner and founding coach of Trails and Tarmac

This isn’t an episode about proper nutrition or training blocks before a race and you won’t hear us say the word ‘bonk’ even one time but instead, you’ll get a taste of just how much joy something as simple as running can bring to a person.