#29 Sara Moore: Exec. Dir. for Colorado Dragon Boat championing AAPI

“I’s really universal where people can come sit down, watch a film, whether it has subtitles or not, and really just have an emotional response to that film.”

#26 Bobby Gill: Holistic management methods to save the world

Through a lot of my life, I’ve always gone against the grain. Whether that’s through skydiving or ultra-running or ditching a very comfortable federal career.”

#23 Dr. Keith Cradle (PhD): Founder of ‘Camping With Cradle’

“That is the crux of being a human being, that we see each other in a way that we recognize where some folks have and some folks have not and how can I get the things they don’t have to them to give them an opportunity.”

#20 Anthony & Tara Clary: Founders of #WEOFFTHECOUCH run group that is reshaping their community

With over 80 people sometimes coming to a single meeting, #WEOFFTHECOUCH has become very well known for being a place where people from all different backgrounds and different levels of fitness can meet.