#47: Healing Advocacy Fund with Sam Chapman

“When we’re able to step into the shoes of that person who’s struggling, people start to open their minds about what their willing to allow to be an ok answer to helping those people and I think psychedelic healing is really starting to jump into that lane and into the driver seat.”

With me on this episode is Sam Chapman, Executive Director for the nonprofit organization, Healing Advocacy Fund.

With over a decade of experience in advocating for progressive drug policy reforms at the local, state, and national level, Sam co-authored House Bill 3460 in 2013 that legalized medical marijuana dispensaries.

More recently, he’s served as the Campaign Manager for Measure 109 in Oregon, the law that legalized the first ever psilocybin therapy program in the United States.

We talk about how his upbringing in Oregon helped pave the way in his fight for psychedelic therapies to become publicly available and how Oregon is setting the standard for other states to follow in their legislative footsteps.

We also get into where the future of legal psychedelic therapies can go and why it’s important to learn from the mistakes over the past decade in legalizing cannabis sales.

Full of great insights into how the tools we use to support mental health are starting to evolve, our conversation really hits home and is one I hope you’ll enjoy.

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