#43 Zach Riggle: USMC Raider’s Path To Heroic Hearts Project

“To hear that there were people out there that were willing to help me out and willing to take care of me and give me everything that I needed to try and get better, that was life changing.” 

#40 Eric Jay Dolin: ‘Rebels at Sea’ and Privateering During the American Revolution

“What I really found out was that privateering, which very few people know about, during the American Revolution, was incredibly important in winning the war.”

#39 Mark Matzeldelaflor: Navy SEAL Helping Reintegrate Veterans

“Guardian Grange is my vision to reintegrate and reinspire veterans with the purpose of healing through doing work in nature and building communities.”

#37 Mayor Bud Starker: Most Interesting Mayor In America

“People respond to being listened to and being perceived that you’ve treated them fairly” Welcome everyone and thanks for tuning in to episode 37 of the It Matters To Me Podcast, a show that celebrates the random through 1-on-1 conversations with people and the passions they pursue.”

#35 Eric Christianson: Authentic Leadership

“If you’re not vested in the mission; if you’re not trusting your leadership, personally, like do they care about you and if you’re not having fun, you know it’s time to go”