#48: Keeping Hardrock with Dale Garland

“Some of the most meaningful… some of the most emotional things I’ve experienced as an RD [Hardrock Run Director] has been standing at the finish line and what kissing that rock means to people.”

Welcome everyone to the It Matters To Me Podcast, a show that seeks out the passions in all of our lives and the motivations behind why we pursue them.

With me on this episode is Dale Garland, Race Director for the one and only Hardrock Endurance Run.

First held in 1992, this 100-mile race icon of the ultra-running community celebrates the legacies of the Hardrock miners that used to live in and around the town of Silverton, Colorado.

After serving in the Army just after high school, Dale became the race director and makes it a priority to maintain its goal of celebrating every single person who participates, whether they come in first place or dead last.

One thing I kept harping on in our talk was just the shared sense of community you feel even if you’re only at Hardrock to watch other people run.

And it’s absolutely true because, for me, I’ll always remember my first Hardrock experience back in 2021 and how everyone was treated with a genuine welcoming attitude.

Like every episode that features running in some way, I try to steer away from the usual talking points of training plans, nutrition, and god forbid I use the word “bonk”.

Thankfully that’s still true for this one and I hope makes it something any non-runner can listen to and enjoy.

Alright, let’s get to it, here’s my talk with Dale Garland

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