#20 Anthony & Tara Clary: Founders of #WEOFFTHECOUCH run group that is reshaping their community

“I just love the beauty and diversity of our group because we’ve attracted people from all walks of life and different political spectrums”

Welcome everyone to episode 20 of the “It Matters To Me Podcast”! I’m your host, Adam Casey, and my guests on today’s special episode are Anthony and Tara Clary, founders of the #WEOFFTHECOUCH run group.

Growing up in Virginia, the couple originally met through a local church after the tragic murder of Anthony’s brother. But from that tragedy came a beautiful and loving relationship that persists today.

Now although the duo has become quite the popular run couple, their origins in the sport are uniquely separate.

Tara was a high-school track-and-field athlete that used running as an outlet to have something positive in her life. Anthony, a former college football player, found his way into running after a startling doctor’s visit revealed he was prediabetic.

And that scare is what propelled them to start a community-focused run group whose mantra is simply, #WEOFFTHECOUCH.

At times, running can be a very isolated sport but what’s so beautiful about the group they’ve started is the message that all are welcome.

With over 80 people sometimes coming to a single meeting, #WEOFFTHECOUCH has become very well known for being a place where people from all different backgrounds and different levels of fitness can meet.

During our talk, we get into the positive impact the run group has had in their community and how it’s changing the stereotypes some people have about race and running.

I mean this from the bottom of my heart, Anthony and Tara are some of the best people and the energy they brought to our conversation was simply amazing.

I can’t thank them enough for coming on the show to share their story and for talking about some difficult topics.

This one is full of laughs though and something I genuinely think you’ll enjoy!

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