#16 Matthew Norman: Best-selling author opens up about his writing style and inspirations

Often compared to other great authors like Jonathan Tropper or Richard Russo, Matthew has made a name for himself in the literary world that has stood the test of time.

#15 Mike Wardian: Defining “relentless” as a professional ultra-runner

A professional runner who not only won the infamous 2020 Quarantine Backyard Ultra but who also has the world record for running a marathon in both a Spiderman costume and dressed as Elvis. All while being a husband and father, owning his own ship brokering business, and being a bee-keeper because why the hell not, right!?

#14 Sarah Quinlan: Conservative Feminism and why that shouldn’t scare you

Welcome everyone to another episode of the It Matters To Me Podcast! When I say “conservative”, what comes to mind? How about “feminism”? How about when I combine the two to describe someone? If you thought that’d be impossible then you haven’t heard of my guest today, Sarah Quinlan. As a writer and someone whoContinue reading “#14 Sarah Quinlan: Conservative Feminism and why that shouldn’t scare you”

#13 Mark Masters: Standup comedy that’s no joke

Mark Masters isn’t one of those people who doesn’t follow through with his New Year’s resolutions and has made it his personal mission to chase down a dream that I’d bet most people vastly underestimate the level of commitment needed to be successful.

#11 Justin Nozuka: Musician and poet extraordinaire

From his first album titled, Holly, to his latest release “then, now, & again”, Justin has made some of the most passionate and heartfelt music that’s rightfully earned him spots on David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel as well as multiple awards.

#9 Nicky Dallek: Putting the logic back in politics

Given how divisive and tribal politics has become lately, we keep things on the positive side with Nicky explaining why the mission of Denver Young Democrats is so important and how they’re focused on making sure the young voters they attract are well informed before casting any ballots.

#8 Sarah Schlafly: Living Mighty with cricket protein

Did you know that in 2018, the average American ate roughly 200lbs of meat and that conventional beef usually requires 65 square feet of land per quarter pound to raise cattle alone? No doubt there is serious concern over food security as the effects of climate change become more and more real.  Enter my guestContinue reading “#8 Sarah Schlafly: Living Mighty with cricket protein”

#2 Ryan Oswald: Finding work that you were meant for

Most people don’t realize they’re in the wrong career until it’s almost too late in life to start over. They may have never thrown caution to the wind and pursued something that was equal parts risk and reward; leaving them always wondering “what if?” My guest in this episode, Ryan Oswald, is not one ofContinue reading “#2 Ryan Oswald: Finding work that you were meant for”

#1 Chris Ward: Life lessons from ultra-running

In this very first episode of the “It Matters To Me” podcast, I have a conversation with long-time friend and fellow ultra-runner, Chris Ward.Chris is also the host of his own incredibly lighthearted and always entertaining show, Like A Bigfoot, that comes out every Friday. Usually pertaining to some type of physical or endurance challenge,Continue reading “#1 Chris Ward: Life lessons from ultra-running”