#29 Sara Moore: Exec. Dir. for Colorado Dragon Boat championing AAPI

“It’s really universal where people can come sit down, watch a film, whether it has subtitles or not, and really just have an emotional response to that film.”

Welcome everyone to episode 29 of the It Matters To Me Podcast, a show that celebrates the everyday passions that drive us whether they are just hobbies or our life’s work.

Today my guest is Sara Moore, Executive Director for Colorado Dragon Boat, the umbrella organization that encompasses the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, the Colorado Dragon Boat Film Festival, and the Emerging Leaders Program.

Born and raised in Michigan, this self-described tomboy heard the mountains calling and moved to Colorado where she’s now a leading figure in the Asian American Pacific Islander community.

As Executive Director of Colorado Dragon Boat, she promotes its mission by building awareness, knowledge, and understanding between the diverse AAPI cultures and the general public through cultural education, leadership development, and athletic competition.

With the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival just a few months away, we get into its fascinating history and rich traditions that date back centuries.

We also spend some time talking about its impact on the local community and just how positive of an event it can be for anyone who attends.

This was a great, fun, and informative talk that definitely has me excited to attend this year’s festival. And if you’re in the Denver area on July 23rd and 24th, I highly encourage you to come check it out yourself!

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