#28 Brian Geddes: Changing the stigma around cannabis

“The beautiful moment happens when you parse the person from the company that they represent on the other side of the call.”

Welcome everyone to episode 28 of the It Matters To Me Podcast, a show that celebrates the everyday passions that drive us whether they are just hobbies or our life’s work. Today my guest is Brian Geddes, Vice President of Sales for Jane Technologies.

Born and raised in California, Brian studied Psychology at UCLA as an undergrad and eventually went on to earn an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Currently, as the VP of Sales for Jane Technologies, Brian promotes and facilitates safe, regulated access to cannabis – because that’s how it should be.

He builds relationships with retailers and brands to power digital commerce, so patients and customers can shop for cannabis like they shop for everything else.

Brian’s also the host of his own podcast called, Canndid, which amplifies the voices of cannabis entrepreneurs and where guests dig into their childhood stories, their first experiences with the plant, their entry into the industry, their take on social equity, their product preferences, and more.

Now, I too work at Jane and have been in my role for over 7 months now. But because I live in Denver mainly, I haven’t had the chance to actually meet Brian in person and I figured what better way to get to know someone than having them come onto the show!

So sit down and settle in for a transparently fun conversation between friends and coworkers.

Now let’s kick things off, here’s my talk with Brian Geddes

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