#30 James P. Owen: Author of ‘Cowboy Ethics’ and documentary filmmaker

“I’m going to set a 10-year goal … to go from 70-years old to 80-years young.”

Welcome everyone to episode 30 of the It Matters To Me Podcast, a show that celebrates the random through 1-on-1 conversations with people and the passions they pursue.

Today my guest is Jim Owen, best-selling author, documentary filmmaker, and global speaker.

Determined to get fit in his 70s, this 80-year-old former Wall Street executive wrote a book titled, Just Move! that focuses on the foundations of fitness and health beyond athletic performance or pure vanity.

In hopes of inspiring others to realize the benefits of exercise, he began recording this journey through a recent documentary film, The Art of Aging Well.

Before all this, however, Jim burst onto the national literary scene with the best-selling books, Cowboy Ethics, Cowboy Values, and The Try.

That collection of truly must-reads highlights the character qualities that enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things and has unsurprisingly remained quite relevant in today’s world of social discord, corporate scandals, and downright political jackassery.

Talking with Jim couldn’t have been more nourishing and substantial on a personal level because it really just felt like I was getting life advice from a seasoned expert.

If you’re a sucker for a southern drawl like I am, you’re really going to enjoy this episode and I hope it’s enough to get you to check out some of his books and the documentary.

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