#21 Michelle Jeske: City Librarian for Denver Public Libraries

“Libraries are all about sharing … well that’s our DNA. That’s what we do is share so we’re going to share with you too.”

Welcome everyone to the “It Matters To Me Podcast”! I’m your host, Adam Casey, and my guest today is Michelle Jeske, City Librarian for the Denver Public Library systems.

If you thought libraries are just places for introverts and bookish people, you couldn’t be more wrong. Did you know that some libraries offer small business mentorship or connecting people to their family’s history through genealogical records?

In our talk, we get into how Michelle evolved from a young bookworm into someone who is at the head of all 26 library locations here in Denver that see more than 4.4 million annual visitors.

We also discuss some of the ways libraries in Denver are pivoting with an ever-increasing digital age. From offering programs that teach people how to write computer code to hosting maker spaces with digital recording studios that people can use to start their own podcast!

Like everything else in life, one of the challenges public libraries face today is funding. Michelle explains all the ways you can help out your public library and take advantage of some of the many, many benefits your local library probably offers.

At the end of the day, this is just a great conversation with someone who couldn’t have been more fun to have on the show. And if there’s anything you take away from this, it’s how important your support is for your local library, so do me a favor and go check out a few books from your local library wherever you are.

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