#19 Mehgan Heaney-Grier: The ‘Imperfect Conservationist’ and former world-record free-diver saving our oceans

“There’s always something you can do and there’s always a way to a part of the solution. And all we can do is make the changes ourselves and keep moving forward step by step.”

Mehgan Heaney-Grier is a marine educator, ocean explorer, former world champion free-diver, co-host of the deeper blue podcast, and founder of the imperfect conservationist web series.

Growing up in Duluth, Minnesota and eventually moving down the Florida Keys, Mehgan took the ocean at a very young age where she grew to become a self-acclaimed “biology nerd”.

That passion for the outdoors led her into the sport of free-diving where she established the first U.S. free dive record for men and women in the constant weight category to a depth of 155ft at just 19 years old.

Throughout her eclectic water-based career, Mehgan has performed underwater stunts for Hollywood films such as: Pirates of the Caribbean and Into the Blue; and has been featured in numerous television shows and publications worldwide such as: Life, People, and Outside Magazine. Recruited by Discovery Channel, Mehgan was part of an elite team of explorers and starred in their original series, Treasure Quest: Snake Island.

From those substantial milestones, Mehgan started the YouTube channel for The Imperfect Conservationist as a resource-packed tool bringing the viewer a dose of what she likes to call “conservation empowerment.”

Mehgan builds her messaging surrounding that trademark concept and describes it as “an understanding of how and what you can do to make a positive impact on the world around you, right now!”

Far from being a voice that just points out all the things we’re doing wrong when it comes to conservation, Mehgan offers up actionable advice, like turning your car off instead of letting it idle, that couldn’t be easier to incorporate into our everyday lives.

This was such a fun and genuinely proactive conversation with Mehgan and I can’t thank her enough for coming on the show.

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