#18 Eric Morris: The N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman increasing minority participation in hunting

“For those of us that are sincere about bringing about diversity and inclusion, we have to show something different.”

Welcome to episode 18 of the It Matters To Me Podcast! I’m your host, Adam Casey, and today we’re going all-in with a conversation about race and minority participation in hunting with my guest, Eric Morris.

Raised in Talladega, Alabama, Eric was steeped in the outdoors and hunting from an early age.

Teaching himself to hunt through word of mouth and even magazine articles, his introduction to the sport didn’t follow the typical path of generational knowledge being passed down between father and son.

As he got older and gained more experience, he turned that expertise into the N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman TV show to help recruit others, especially minorities, into the sport. Now about to enter its third season, Eric and I talk about what it was like to get that program off the ground and why it is so important to show that not every hunter is going to fit the cliché description most of us usually think of when we hear the term “hunter” or “outdoorsman”.

Eric is also a 3-time combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and we talk a little bit about how he uses the lessons he learned from that part of his life both on a hunt and growing his brand.

Eric’s dedication to increasing racial diversity in hunting is something I really admire, and I very much identify with his approach to directly addressing the issue.

Now, this podcast is by no means my excuse for not doing more on topics like racial equity but it is something I can control and I’m so thankful Eric was able to come on the show. He’s yet another great dude with an inspiring mission that is absolutely worth sharing.

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