#17 Carlee Koutnik: Deputy Director of Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Welcome everyone to episode 17 of the It Matters To Me Podcast!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation, and wildlife management. The agency manages 41​ state parks, more than 350 state wildlife areas, and a host of recreational programs. Reaping the benefits of their work as much as I do, I thought it’d make for a great episode to talk to someone from CPW and I was absolutely right!

My guest today is Carlee Koutnik, Deputy Director at CPW and to call her an outdoors enthusiast would be a vast understatement.

Growing up in La Veta Colorado where she was exposed to hunting and finishing since her early childhood and instilled with a deep sense of respect for the natural world just outside her front door.

She turned that personal admiration into something more tangible by earning her Bachelor’s degree from the United States Air Force Academy and becoming a Bio-Environmental Engineer. While in uniform, she was stationed across the U.S. from the panhandle of Florida all the way up to North Pole, Alaska where she specialized in occupational and environmental health management, sexual assault victim advocacy.

During our talk, we get into all topics related to the outdoors, from hunting and fishing to how CPW is looking to increase local engagement with the outdoors among people who live in those areas.

It was a huge honor to have Carlee on the show and I can’t thank her enough for the truly great conversation we had.

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