#15 Mike Wardian: Defining “relentless” as a professional ultra-runner

I’ve been like frozen at Barkley’s Marathon in a space blanket, wrapped in a coat, in a cave and still like hypothermic” – Mike Wardian

Impressive doesn’t even begin to define my guest today, the man, the myth, the absolute legend, Mike Wardian.

A professional runner who not only won the infamous 2020 Quarantine Backyard Ultra but who also has the world record for running a marathon in both a Spiderman costume and dressed as Elvis. All while being a husband and father, owning his own ship brokering business, and being a bee-keeper because why the hell not, right!?

Mike and I recently met on a little adventure in and around Zion National Park when I spontaneously became a rolling aid station as he ran the Zion Traverse along with his brother, sister, and my just as equally impressive girlfriend.

We talk about how he got his start in athletics through Lacrosse, Mike went on to play at Michigan State before taking a break his senior year and discovering the world of competitive running.

Then we dive into some of the other incredible adventures he’s had as a runner, like running across Israel or doing 7 marathons, on 7 continents, in 7 days, and setting yet another Guinness world record for running a marathon in a Scottish kilt.

Mike’s well known for his “relentless” mentality and pursuit of whatever it is he has his sights set on and I think that’s a well deserved reputation. You don’t meet many people like him who have such a laser focus on a goal but who also don’t let the results be the definition of success in pursuing it.

This is one of the conversations that I’m absolutely thrilled to put out and can’t wait to have him back on the show, hopefully after his upcoming race here in Colorado at the Hardrock 100.

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