#6 Kofi Andoh: Using cooking to connect with others

What do you get when you combine a professional engineer who has a passion for cooking and is one of the most sincerely kindest, best human beings on the planet? Kofi Andoh.

Going back years and years, Kofi is one of my closest and most admired friends. Never has the term ‘renaissance man’ ever been more appropriate than when describing him. Born in Ghana, Kofi has strong ties to his roots and the customs of the culture he grew up in. Not only is food a centerpiece of it but also the joy that comes along with cooking for others.

In our talk, we explore what it has been like for him to start Word Of Mouth Kitchen and how it gives Kofi a sense of community. We also discuss how food can bring people together and how important it is to surround ourselves with others during the process of eating a meal.

This is just a truly great conversation between old friends and if you’re needing a  mood boost, trust me, this one will put a smile on your face guaranteed!

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