#5 Jessica Do: The entrepreneurial spirit to provide world class coffee

For so many of us, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. It can be that precious ‘me-time’ we rarely get to have to ourselves before we start our day as well as being what helps us push through some long hours on the job. And with the current wave of particular coffee tastes growing, how you make that coffee is becoming more and more personalized.

Well my guest in this episode, Jessica Do, is someone who not only shares that same affection for coffee but also turned it into a highly successful business. One that produces one of the most versatile ways of preparing coffee that has received national acclaim in places like Wired Magazine and even on the infamous Rachael Ray Show.!

It’s called the ‘PalmPress’ and is far and away one of the most convenient ways to make delicious coffee both at home and on the road without sacrificing quality or taste.

In our talk, we get into what it was like starting PalmPress at such a young age and how some of the best lessons learned to run a business may not necessarily come from a classroom. On top of that, we really just have a truly enjoyable conversation that will inspire you to chase down your own entrepreneurial dreams

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