#2 Ryan Oswald: Finding work that you were meant for

Most people don’t realize they’re in the wrong career until it’s almost too late in life to start over. They may have never thrown caution to the wind and pursued something that was equal parts risk and reward; leaving them always wondering “what if?”

My guest in this episode, Ryan Oswald, is not one of those people. After starting out as a professional realtor and in the world of finance, Ryan took a serendipitous road trip that opened him up to the world of photography and he’s never looked back. Having been featured by National Geographic and teaming up with a friend to start booming photo-business, PhotoRoamers, Ryan’s work simply speaks for itself.

Filled with great stories and maybe one-too-many tangents, this is a great episode for those who have always wanted to explore the unknown but been too afraid to leave behind the security of a good-paying, steady job. And for everyone who’s been hitting the grind-stone too hard lately and on the verge of being utterly burnt out.

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