#1 Chris Ward: Life lessons from ultra-running

In this very first episode of the “It Matters To Me” podcast, I have a conversation with long-time friend and fellow ultra-runner, Chris Ward.Chris is also the host of his own incredibly lighthearted and always entertaining show, Like A Bigfoot, that comes out every Friday.

Usually pertaining to some type of physical or endurance challenge, the stories his guests have are absolutely jaw-dropping. On top of that, he’s able to balance all of this while also being a full-time teacher, husband, and father.

We dig deep into the motivations behind his running and how his show started from a simple 1-year challenge into something that’s been going on for over 4 years now. The conversation also explores the always-present threat of “burnout” and how he’s able to push past those moments and still stay inspired to be the optimistic person I’ve always known him to be.

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Like A Bigfoot (Soundcloud)

It Matters To Me (Instagram)


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