#33 Maggie Doyne: Saving Nepali Children

“It was just unthinkable to me that kids were passing their lives this way and that it was ok and accepted”

Welcome everyone and thanks for tuning in to episode 33 of the It Matters To Me Podcast, a show that celebrates the random through 1-on-1 conversations with people and the passions they pursue.

Today my guest is Maggie Doyne, founder of Blink Now, a non-profit dedicated to helping Nepali children by providing a safe environment and quality education, as well as CNN’s 2015 Hero of the Year.

At 18 years old, after Maggie’s senior year of high school, she boarded a plane in New Jersey and set off to see the world with just her backpack.

Four countries and 20,000 miles later, she found herself trekking through the Himalayas and walking along the dirt roads of Nepal’s most poverty-stricken villages.

It was there that she met a six-year-old girl breaking rocks to earn a few dollars to feed her family and who would go on to change Maggie’s life forever.

Maggie’s recently written a book about that journey titled, Between The Mountain And The Sky and that’s kind of where we start the conversation.

From there we get into all the growing pains she had to go through to get BlinkNow to the internationally recognized non-profit it is today and all the lessons she had to learn as she went.

Then we also talk about some of the more personal challenges someone in Maggie’s shoes faces when you’re an outsider to the people you’re trying to help.

There’s a lot of great, candid conversation in this one and I instantly felt like I connected with Maggie as soon as we started talking. She’s a truly inspiring person with immense humility and I couldn’t be more thrilled to champion her story for her.

Ok enough from me, let’s get to it, here’s my talk with Maggie Doyne.

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